Your real son did come back — he came back and he showed you his real self and you killed him for it! (requested by thefirstrisenisbeautiful)

#imagine that though   #the boy you loved so much that you ended your own life because you just couldn’t live without him comes back   #you both come back and you have this new chance   #a new chance to have what you could have had before you both died   #and you get it into your head that things are going to be okay different this time around   #and then it all gets ruined   #what you could have had is taken again by the same man’s ignorance   #but this time there’s no quick way out like before because you’re pretty much immortal   #and you’re stuck to live with that pain and anger forever and still the person who caused it doesn’t understand   #this show is one giant tragedy caused by ignorance   #this show is so painfully real (x)

#i just can’t handle people who hold up rick and simon side by side and are just like ‘WELL SIMON WINS’ #like fuck that they were both so troubled and they both loved kieren so much #they both had father’s who couldn’t accept them for who they came back as (who they really were) #literally the only difference between them is that simon’s dad threw simon out #and rick’s dad KILLED HIM #simon didn’t kill kieren which YES MY HEART SIMON I LOVE YOU #but RICK DIDN’T KILL KIEREN EITHER #THAT’S WHAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO #LIKE DO PEOPLE NOT REALIZE #THAT SIMON AND RICK’S STORIES PARALLEL EACH OTHER? #the prophet was telling simon to kill kieren: and he held a knife and saw kieren about to be shot and SAVED HIM #bill was telling rick to kill kieren: and rick tried to warn kieren and when that didn’t work #he put himself in harms way #JUST LIKE SIMON #HE TOOK OF HIS MAKE UP AND HE WALKED INTO THAT LIVING ROOM AND HE GAVE HIS DAD SOMEONE ELSE TO KILL OTHER THAN KIEREN #LIKE JUST #DON’T PRETEND LIKE RICK DIDN’T LOVE KIEREN OKAY #HE WAS SCARED HE WAS SO SCARED AND HE MADE MISTAKES #BUT HE LOVED KIEREN AND HE /DIED/ PROTECTING KIEREN FROM HIS OWN FATHER